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Ways to Improve your Gadgets’ Productivity

It may sound a bit hilarious, but the shortcuts will ease your way to use and interact with your gadgets along with practicing. Also, you don’t need to become a programmer or have technical skills to use them today. There are so many sources that provide information about the shortcuts and how to create the shortcuts. One of the examples is the keyboard maestro. For those Apple users, especially Mac, the keyboard maestro mac can help your work for using your Mac efficiently.Keyboard Maestro

The Definition of Shortcuts

Shortcuts are a way to improve the productivity of your gadgets. The improved task can help the user for automating the work of their gadgets. There will be easy one-step actions or complex programs that require numerous steps. The choice is yours, but the Shortcuts application’s overall goal is to simplify these actions so that they can be performed with a few touches.

For example, I have a shortcut to tell my colleague that I’m coming home from work. The shortcut includes my current location, calculates the trip duration to my home, creates a text message that provides for my travel time, adds a custom message, and sends a text message to my partner. All I have to do is ask Siri to take the shortcut, and each of these actions will be completed for me when I leave the parking lot at work. Those examples above are including in the features of keyboard maestro for Mac.

There are basically two types of shortcuts. Some abbreviations, such as the one above, must be taken by you personally. The other abbreviations are activated automatically. They can be activated at a certain time of the day when your device combines WiFi at work or when you launch a particular application.

The Steps of Creating ShortcutsShortcuts Process

You will probably know better how to create your iOS shortcuts when developing the shortcuts shown in the gallery. This will give you an idea of the logic and structure they contain. They may seem complicated, but the shortcuts are just a selection of pre-made cubes that are linked together by the application. You may come across these cubes when you search for them with the search bar.

Based on the explanation above, sometimes it is hard to find shortcuts that fit in our needs. It can be assumed that we can create and set the new shortcuts based on our needs. In these cases, people would try to replicate the dictionary to work on a replica of the initial one and play with adding or subtracting dice to suit their needs.

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