Things to Consider When Choosing the Right Public Notary

How to legitimize business documents with notary services? With over a million state-appointed public notaries, the chances are that you’ll get what you need to legalize your documents. But choosing one to perform a service can be a challenge, considering a lot of them are offering the same services. How do you select a notary service? Whether the service involves an estate, deed, power of attorney, or any other document that requires notarizing, you want to choose the candidate best suited for the job because although he or she touts the “Certified Public Notary,” doesn’t necessarily mean they are fitted for your legal needs. In this post, we share some practical tips in choosing the right and reliable public notary.


Find out where the notary is before agreeing to purchase your notarial services. The ideal would be to choose a notary close to a particular place to reduce travel time. Buying a notary on the other side of town (or in a completely different city) is a waste of time and gas, especially if you are forced to have subsequent meetings. A quick search on Google Maps or your preferred GPS device will reveal the estimated travel time between you and the notary.


Check the notary’s specializations to make sure they meet your needs. If you need notary services for legal documents, you will probably need to choose someone with a law enforcement background or training. It will reduce the risk of errors and, at the same time, promote a smooth service for both parties involved. Most notaries display their qualifications and specialty fields on their website, business cards, service description, etc. If you require notarial services for legal documents, for instance, you’ll probably want to choose someone with an educational and professional background in law. Doing so reduces the risk of error while encouraging a smooth service for both parties involved.


Always check the rates for an individual waiver before agreeing to pay for your solutions. Each state has its upper limit on what a notary can legally charge for its services. Evaluate the Ministry of Foreign Affairs website for an appropriate condition to set this limit. It should be considered, but it is only a limit, not the actual price of the service. Mobile notaries are legally allowed to limit “convenience charges” so that they can be expected to pay more for their alternatives.

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