How to Find the Best Engagement Ring for Your Partner

Compared to popular belief, your engagement ring is not always about the diamond. The first step to consider when you want to buy an engagement ring would be the air and style. Also, it’s the first thing that everyone sees when she looks at the ring. It is excellent to have a center diamond that looks amazing, but if you put on a type of ring that she doesn’t like, then the result will be disappointing for both of you.

Just as different clothing styles suit different personalities, distinguished rings look gorgeous in the box but whose effect is much less flattering, so keep that in mind when shopping for an engagement ring. It means that it would be best to evaluate other essential aspects, such as the setting. Besides, you might need to find the perfect place to buy the ring. In this case, you could read the james allen review. There are three main features to pay attention to when choosing your ring.

ring texture

Band Width

It is without a doubt the most common mistake made when buying an engagement ring. Ladies with thin palms will fit into a tiny ring. Opt for a ring that is too wide or thick, plus your finger will start to look wider and shorter as it falls under the ring. Remember that they also need to be able to handle the ring. Conversely, for women whose palms are a bit wider, a softer band can make their palms appear thinner and more.


The ideal way to be sure is to come across the ring on your boyfriend’s finger. However, unless you are on your ring when deciding the perfect one. Then, the next best thing would be to get your boyfriend’s ring measurements or a nearby size, take a look at jewelry and check out what is available. Some guys even find girls who have similar sized hands – a girlfriend or in some cases it’s their mother, so they can observe how a particular fashion looks until they buy it!

Number of Diamonds

number of diamondThe number of diamonds in the ring can also determine how it looks on the finger. All women look good with a simple side stone or solitaire. Many can wear elaborate triple and rock settings. However, it would be better to be aware of many factors that could affect your preference, such as a giant butterfly, dolphin, or flower. While gorgeous, they are all designed to be shown on certain occasions and tend to overshadow even the most extravagant characters. Again, keep in mind that the size of the diamond setting you choose will affect the look of your ring and your fiancĂ©’s finger.


The cost of ring settings varies considerably. The more complex the setting, the higher the price. It means that it would be best to keep that in mind when choosing your ring. These prices are for the setting only, the cost of the center diamond is not included, so please consider this before purchasing an engagement ring. Therefore, it is crucial to formulate your budget before visiting the jewelry store.