Different Types Of Diamond Rings

Diamond rings are very valuable and are classified according to their different designs, shapes or cut, band type and colors. Click here for the most costly diamonds ever sold. The various types of diamond rings in the market include;

Diamond rings based on Design and number of stones

This category of diamond rings includes solitaire rings, paved diamond rings and diamond rings with side stones.

Solitaire diamond rings

This type of diamond rings is made of a single diamond stone held by prongs or other unique mountings.

Pave diamond rings

Pave diamond rings

This type of ring is studded with small diamonds that are attached to the bad by tiny metal prongs. The design of pave diamond ring is made with small pave-set diamonds with metal prongs appearing as metal droplets. However, in some circumstances pave rings feature bigger single stones or a center diamond with some side stones.

Diamond rings with side stones

This type of diamond ring is characterized by one center diamond that is surrounded by smaller diamonds.

Diamond Rings based on the type of setting

This category of diamond rings depends on how the diamond is held to the ring.

Prong settings

This kind of diamond rings has the diamond stone held by metal projections numbering to four to six prongs.

Bezel settings

This type of diamond rings shows where the diamond stone is surrounded by a metal band fully or partially.

Invisible settings

This type of diamond ring has a metal framework that is hidden underneath the diamond stone such that it is not visible from the top surface of the ring.

Channel settings

This diamond ring exhibits a ring where diamonds are held within a channel grooved in the ring’s band.

Tension settings

This is a rare setting but involves holding a diamond stone between two ends by applying pressure. There is no mounting device, but the diamond is pressed firmly and tightly by the two band ends.

Diamond rings based on stone shape or cut

This category profiles the stone with its shape, alignment as well as stone facets.

Round diamonds

This is the classic round cut that maximizes the diamond’s brilliance.

Oval cuts

Oval cut diamond rings take the egg shape and appear in different cuts such as; marquise cuts, pear cut, heart cut.

Rectangular cuts

This type takes rectangular or square shapes with the most popular being the princess cut, emerald cut, Asscher cut and the cushion cut.

Triangular cut

It is also referred to as the trillion cut or the trilliant cut and can be slightly rounded or straight.

Diamond Rings based on the metal

metal ring

This category classifies the diamond ring according to the metal used to make the metal band of the diamond ring. They include; Platinum diamond rings, white gold diamond rings, and yellow gold rings.