Tips to Create Better Photos With iPhone Camera

The continuous increase in smartphone photography has made the iPhone one of the most popular cameras to buy. It was not done with the sole intention of taking photos, but it does so well that many people have put their digital cameras on a shelf in favor of the lightweight camera they carry in their pockets.

iphone camera

Use the Camera Grid

It would help if you turned on the grid when you want to take a shot. This feature can help you use the rule of thirds. Instead of putting the subject in the center of this frame, you need to place the object on the left or on the right. Then, you will be surprised by the results.

Master the iPhone Portrait Mode

iphone cameraIf you have ever wanted to reproduce images of men and women with a soft and blurred background, then you need Portrait mode. To get started, open the camera app on your iPhone and scroll to portrait mode. Then set the frame of your subject and pay attention to the forces on the screen that will alert you if you are too close or too far away. When you’re ready, tap the grip button to take the picture.

Play With iPhone Burst Mode

To activate it, simply open the camera app, frame the photo, and press and hold the “grab” button. As long as you hold the button, the iPhone waits to select images in quick succession. It’s great for filming moving actions or getting a perfect set when no one blinks an eye.

When shooting in burst mode, iPhone organizes this set of photos from your photos into a Stack application. You can find them in the “All Photos” album or in a custom set of “Bursts” photos. Here you can select the photos you want to keep by first tapping on a burst of photos and then tap Select to decide which ones you want to keep. When you are done, tap Finish and then choose whether to keep each photo or delete all of them except the currently selected ones.

Shoot With Filters on iPhone

When we want to change a movie’s layout, we often turn to third-party applications or setting filters to edit the photos listed above. On the other hand, the iPhone has a couple of built-in filters that allow you to do the same thing until you take a photo. This is one of those tips for the iPhone camera that we often forget, but if you remember that they are not there, you can experience some fantastic results and capture the scenes in a completely new light. To apply a filter until you take the photo, launch the Camera application on your iPhone and tap the three overlapping circles in the screen corner.