Several Types of Tobacco Pipe That You Need to Know

A classic tobacco pipe is also named a smoking pipe. The cigar pipe is applied for smoking tobacco. The majority of these tubes are manufactured of wood and the pipes have a small stem or a miniature head. The tobacco burns in the short end. The small bowl is used for the combustion of tobacco. The shank is the small stem that closes in a mouthpiece. As the name suggests, the mouthpiece is utilized to render the smoke out of the smoker’s mouth.

Nevertheless, nowadays people tend to smoke a more modern way by using miniature stature which typically smaller than flower bongs. This pipe very popular among the young generation of its affordability and taste. MJ Arsenal Mini Rig is a perfect pipe if you want to experience this method. The following are several critical types of cigar pipe that you need to know.

The Small Chamber of the Cigar Pipe

The materials used for the small chamber are the clay, corn cob, and meerschaum. Other commonly used materials are cherry, olive, and maple wood, as well as mesquite, oak, and carob. The most common material used to make the shell is fine-grained hardwood.

Shanks and Mouthpiece

Materials used to make reeds or mouthpieces include lucite and Bakelite. Reeds, bamboo, and hollowed-out pieces of wood can also be used. They are highly expensive luxury items and only rich people can have these pipes. Moreover, usually, these items are marketed for a limited number.



These are the most prominent and widespread types of cigars. These cigars can be made by hand or machine. Briar is an excellent material for making pipes. They are also fire-resistant. They are also able to absorb water, which keeps the tobacco fresh. As a result, you can experience optimal satisfaction when smoking using this pipe.


These are another sought-after but expensive type of pipe. It is a classic design that will enhance your smoking experience. However, sometimes you can replace the calabash with wood to save money. However, the shape and functionality of the pipes remain the same. These pipes usually have an air chamber under the bowl, which is very useful for cooling, drying, and smoothing the smoke.

Cigar pipes enhance the luxury and elegance of cigars. They offer a lifetime guarantee of high quality. Cigar companies employ many tobacco experts who carefully select and refine tobacco for the pipe. To create a unique taste, different types of tobacco leaves can be combined to give the smoker an unforgettable experience.


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